March 31, 2014

Jifi – Social Banking by Kotak Mahindra Bank


Ever heard of being paid on liking a Facebook post? How about receiving points while paying your bills? Still not interested? Ohk, beat this: An automatic tracker of all your bank accounts with detailed information of expenses, liabilities in visual formats!!… #JifiIsHere


Yes, that’s Jifi, a new concept implemented by Kotak Mahindra Bank and oh that’s not all! Read on…

March 2, 2014

Cleanliness drove me to start a HopeProject


Before I start, let me ask you a few questions:
How many times have you defecated in the nature? How many public toilets have been to which are totally spick and span & free of bad odour? Or rather felt helpless when there’s no loo around? How about finding a toilet and you see it’s full and unflushed?

March 1, 2014

Not Friends Anyways!

Time and tide waits for none, Seems you were friends with me just for fun.

When classes & notes were important to me, all you cared for was footsie!

As we hugged and held hands with grace, But actually you abused me without a trace.

Showing you the truth was my mistake, you brandished the same as a confused take.

Bearing your fake friend tantrums has cast its shade,We are not friends anymore anyways!

This post is a part of Write Over Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.

February 22, 2014

Dove Bathing Bar – Review & Guessing game


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Err.. the smooth get going ;)
Hehe, Lemme explain…

January 11, 2014

Recharge and Rejuvenate


Scene 1:
Bestie:”Girl, lets meet up in 15, M at the station, come asap..”
Me:”15??? DAMN??? I need to clean up love, I aint no wonder woman”

December 30, 2013

Mama's Clean Love


Clean Shave is called CLEAN for a reason!” Mom was preaching from the living room.
Sorry Mom” I replied in a low voice as she continued,
You would have looked so nice in the family photo you know. You look 3 SHADES DARKER than usual...” Jeez how does my complexion look dark just because I didn’t shave! And I would have looked so baby face child like eww…

Shave or No Shave?

And then I would have to bear the taunts from family and aunts forever. “Aww Sunny Boy you look so cute/so sweet/Young boy”. Who wants to look sweet???Duh, I wanna look like a man, chivalrous and charming! Moms! I know my clean shaven look bowled her over. Always. She would have a lovely smile when she saw me right after a shave.
 “…Since how many days have you not shaved?”
“4 I suppose…”
“That explains why you itch your stubble every 5 mins…”
“Maaaaa….” I giggled as I lay on the sofa she had just tidied up.
You are itching because your stubble is a breeding ground for bacteria. Your dead skin cells are still there, promoting acne in the region as well. Why do you think astringents come with antiseptics?”
I laughed lightly as I replied “To get attentions from girls…”
 They include antiseptics to prevent infection, be it from cuts or germs and not to the attentions of girls!”
Hehe” I wondered how moms get all the Wikipedia kinda things as I ran my razor through my chin. I cleaned up in a jiffy and applied my favorite cologne scented aftershave. I walked to mom, she was still muttering something, and I hugged her and said
See I shaved now, we have the best smart phones and we could click pictures anytime, ok? Happy Now?

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I Snuffles Jay, would like to tag Nandini Deka  and The Whitescape

I Snuffles Jay, am accepting Heena Shah-Dedhi’s Tag and writing this post in response to the same. Her original post is here


December 25, 2013

My 2 minute crush


As I stepped onto the AC Bus, I walked upto the empty window seat and adjusted myself to my latest addiction, Lateral Thinking by Edward De Bono.

December 18, 2013



To all those lovely friends and moron geeks who pester me with questions like:
How’s your tablet? Performance accha hai kya? Does the camera have flash? Video call try kia? etc etc.

*Drum rolls *Trumpet
Presenting…..Tableeeeeeeettttt….venturessssszzzz !!!

December 1, 2013


Before you read my post, I’d like to thank Snuffles or fondly, Meow for letting me do this blog post. She’s someone I met through the IndiBlogger forum. Although we rarely get a chance to connect, one thing I know for sure is that she’s a sweetheart and a lovely writer. Now it’s been a while since I’ve written, and when she asked me if I was willing to do a guest post, I thought to myself… Stop cribbing and blaming it on the Writer’s Block syndrome.. Just pick up the pen and write, coz that’s what you love. And here I am..

November 30, 2013

The Caretaker - Book Review


Book: The Caretaker
Author: A. X. Ahmad
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Fiction/Suspense Fiction
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Medium
Price (as printed): 399 INR