November 24, 2015

Confessions of a Herpetophobic


Have you had that yuck feeling when a fat-ass brown tinged worm wriggles out on the street? And leaves some murky trail with it? And when sweat trickles by your chin as that lizard crawls closer to you? How does your throat feel, after your wailing & soul screeching screams turns mute when your mom finally hits that flying cockroach with her chappal?


Can I confess now that the fear that I have harbored for so long is nothing but a phobia? Yes, that’s like me, a herpetophobic i.e. fear or aversion to reptiles, commonly lizards and snakes, and similar vertebrates as amphibians!

Spiders, cockroaches, rodents or basically anything that creeps or crawls is what I am afraid of. Oh I like to see them from far no doubt about that. But on close quarters I freak out, like real bad. My complete concentration is on that one creation of god.  I wonder just why on earth god had to make it so creepy; I observe the anatomy, and actions with utmost importance. I track every move and stay on my toes to sprint. Believe me at that moment nothing else matters! And it all ends with the “Oh God, Why me!” curse. 

 I often wonder that one day I should confine to a room and think of the deadliest creepy reptiles, on my face, body, wriggling, biting and doing all sorts of stuff and I might be puking or going in a state of trance or hallucinating, facing my fear in one shot! My mom does have such evil plans, but alas it doesn’t really materialize. Psst...Please do not tell this to my sister. Please!

And you know even while hitting Google right now I actually ended up typing “creepy replies” instead of “creepy reptiles”. And I was wondering why weird looking faces were staring at me :/

There’s no way I am gonna put a picture here no matter how strong the impact may be! Damn!

Are you one too? Yes, hi5 bruh! I feel you! I “heart” you!

No, then what’s your phobia?

Go ahead and confess!


November 13, 2015

T-10 Awesome Birthday Puzzle


And it’s T-10 to my awesome birthday. And my aim is to spread happiness to everyone around. Here’s a quick puzzle for you to solve and if you this correctly, a surprise awaits ;)

1. Follow me on Twitter / Facebook

2. Tweet/Share about the contest with #ShernasHappyness. Don’t forget to tag me!

3. Solve the puzzle & email the answers to with the Subject – “I solved the puzzle.”

This giveaway is open to residents of Mumbai only. Last date to submit answers is 22nd November 11.59PM IST.

Psst Psst, wanna know what you will win ;) ?
Mini x6 portable Bluetooth speaker
Puzzle: Hidden Words.

Method – Place the words given on the right into the 10x10 grid. Words can only be placed in such a way that they’re read from left to right or top to bottom. Different words cannot touch each other, even diagonally. Letters outside the grid must appear in that row/column.


November 12, 2015

Deco Home – 5 ways to Style and Decorate your interiors


With innovative & quirky interiors coming out each day, styling up your homes with all that jazz involves a lot of planning indeed.

What color look good where? Which piece would light up that dull corner of the house? Which shelf will sparkle the wall? Whew so much to do and think about.

Deco Home - Interior Decorations
 And while searching for the best interiors online, I stumbled upon Deco Home, a Delhi-India based setup with impressive décor options.

Here are 5 quick fixes to quirky interiors:

1. Decorative Pillows – Choose decorative pillows & cushions in different shapes, sizes and colors to warm up a simple sofa. Choose vibrant colors if you have the simple sofas. If you have a bold colored sofa for example, in red; then choose a dull color to add style. Keep decorative cushion covers handy for quick makeovers.

2. Wall Brackets & Shelves – I have always been enticed with wall brackets. A good combination adds an altogether different dimension to your wall. Stay away from typical glass brackets or white brackets. Choose wooden wall shelves & black brackets for a bold and stunning look.

3. Grab a carpet runner – As old as it may sound, but carpets add a zing to an otherwise dull room. Choose contrasting colored runners preferably in sleek rectangle shapes. The contrast will make the runner stand out and the shape will make the room look longer.

 4. Add Mirrors – Instead of placing multiple light fixtures, add mirrors opposite to existing light fixtures. Not only will they light up the whole room, but add a nice dimension too making the room look larger. And then this idea is economical too ;)

5. Quirk up doors – Style up your doors. Who knew doors could be so much fun! Place wall hangings & door seals. Choose contrasting colors again.

Interesting and easy isn’t it? With a lot more to explore in Garden Torches, Runners & Cushions; Deco Home also offers Bulk Orders, Free Domestic Shipping, Paid International Shipping, easy returns and most importantly secure shopping options.

Head out and style up your home. Do let me know what you tried to jazz up your interiors.


November 9, 2015 – Taking Ethnic Indian Bindi Online a niche ahead


The traditional Indian Ethnic Bindi is now available 24*7 on a dedicated online bindi portal

Taking the ethnic beauty & makeup item/accessory online, India’s First Ever Online Bindi Portal launched with over 1lakh+ different & unique designs. Bindi’s from the website provide a special range of iodine enriched stick-on gum, unlike regular bindi’s which often cause skin infection and rashes.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few designs:
I really like the wide variety of designs, colors, shapes & sizes at the portal. The collection is impressive indeed.

Our intention at bookmybindi is - to celebrate the Bindi. We want to popularize this dying tradition, with our exclusive fashionable and stylish designs. It is our endeavour to get women across the globe to sport a bindi as a style statement. Our designs have been hand drawn and converted to stick-ons; and can be sported on any look, Indian wear or Western” adds Founder & Actress, Prabhleen Kaur.

Being a woman, I know how tedious it is to find that perfect bindi which suits my face, look and style to go with ethnic wear and still look awesome. Often I have to scout various local shops or hog the bindi lady in the local trains ;) or even pester friends to bring me the bindi they wore.

One of the most precious areas of the human anatomy is the area between the eyebrows, a spot called the "AJNA CHAKRA ". Considered very powerful, this spot is the exit point of the Kundalini & the seat of concealed wisdom. Co-founder, Aroona Bhat believes that every individual has their own unique identity and image. And by decorating the Ajna, one has, by default, taken a step in this very direction, by nurturing this point and protecting it with a Bindi or a Tilak. It is for this very reason she has co-founded with the hope of reviving this tradition, distinctive to our culture

The price range starts from Rs 199 and goes up to Rs 4999. Head out and check out the interesting designs.

Have you bought one? Let me know!


October 20, 2015

Dabur Vatika Jasmine Oil and 3 Steps to #FrizzFreeHair


Our long tresses of hair play an inevitable part in our daily life. No they don’t just stay around, they play along when you are happy, look gloomy on a bad hair day, get messed when you don’t want them to and even stick to the lipstick you just applied  :P #bleh

From catering to the barrage of emotions to subtly being there all the time, our tresses bear a lot of brunt. Coupled with today’s rising heat & pollution – Welcome frizzy hair aka nightmare!

Don't even ask :P

Want to know the mantra to #FrizzFreeHair? Read on:

1. Fight the heat – Cover your hair as much as possible from the harsh sun. Just like you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays, carry a light scarf or umbrella and save the day! You might think this is just a passé, but I am a living example of this trick. I have noticed tremendous change since I have started using a scarf. It really works!

2. Choose Ionic Advantage– Don’t just look for cost factors while selecting a hairstyler/blow dryer. Look for the “ionic” ones, which reduces frizz in your hair by compressing your cuticles.

3. Hair Care – Head to a hair spa every quarter, shower them with some love ;) Additionally, oil your hair for at least 30 minutes before a wash. Make sure you wash them minimum thrice a week. This helps to eliminate the accumulated dust, dirt & dead cells.
#TRIVIA – Oil both - your scalp & the hair tips, the longer your hair, the longer it takes for the oil to reach the tips. Aid the process on your own instead!

I happened to check out the new Dabur Vatika Jasmine-Coconut Oil. A unique combination indeed. The new oil comes in with the benefits of coconut, jasmine and enriched with silicon. That’s not all, while the coconut oil gives deep nourishment; the added vitamins & frizz control actives help you achieve #FrizzFreeHair. Here’s a quick review:

Dabur Vatika Jasmine Coconut Oil
While the jasmine fragrance lingers for 10-15 minutes, I totally loved the consistency of the oil. It’s like water, totally non-sticky and gives hair a unique shine instead of an oily look. My hair was quite soft, shiny and straighter than usual after repeated use. (The usual frizz-free stuff gets my wavy hair go straight and this one did too).

Make your way from frizzy to fantastic!

What’s your #FrizzFreeHair mantra? Share them in the comments section

Share your mantra with me, will you?