May 25, 2015

Let your tee speak for you - U.S Polo Assn t-shirts


Tee shirts or T-shirts – can you live without it?
No answer needed for this one. T-shirts are an all time favorite for men. So what are the common types available? How branded tshirts matter? Let’s have a look.

Cheesy Alfredo Penne Pasta – Recipe Amul


I made this. Today. #AchievementUnlocked. I loved it. Nom Nom. So I decided to share it.
*Does the victory dance

May 16, 2015

In our next life, at the salsa class - Book Review


Book: In our next life, at the salsa class
Author: Praveen P. Gopinath
Publisher: North Carter Publishing House
Genre: Fiction/Romantic
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Easy
Price (as printed): 160 INR

To buy the book – click here or here

A seemingly simple plot with a different twist, the book keeps you hooked post 3 chapters. A quick and different type of read. I liked the way the story keeps you guessing even after reading the summary at the back. I recommend this book for all those who prefer Indian authors. I rate this book 3.5/5

In our next life at the salsa class - Praveen P. Gopinath

May 12, 2015

Get the right shoes – Bacca Bucci Shoes


Shoes are an essential part of one’s lifestyle. Though it’s easier to buy those cheap make-do shoes from the flea markets, the right branded shoe can make a lot of positive difference to your body.

How does a shoe matter?

May 8, 2015

Be Eye-Catching this Summer – Fastrack Springers, Eyewear & Watches


Summer’s here, sales are near, feeling dull, chill don’t fear! It’s time for a Summer Makeover!

Summer Trends 2015
Every summer brings in exciting new fashion trends & boy you live a dull life if you ain’t following them! Summers mean – vibrant colors, floral patterns, chunky accessories, colored chinos, loafers, funky eyewear, and sporty watches – whew a colorful paradise.

Basically, Summer ushers the color in the trends and what’s the hottest trend this Summer? Let’s check it out:

1. Eyewear/ Sunglasses/ Glares – Eyewear never goes out of trend. While wayfarers & aviators rule the charts, Square Geeks are the hottest trend in eyewear. Check out trending eyewear here. Fastrack has also come up with their new Springers collection and its definitely making heads turn.

Fastrack Springers Image

2. Watches – Color coded watches – Uber cool. The colored summer clothes need color coded accessories too. A faint accessory until a few years ago, watches are quite in vogue now. With newer styles & colors adding up every day, it’s a paradise to own 3-4 watches in different colors which suit different occasions & clothes.

3. Chinos & Palazzos – Colored Chinos for men & Floral palazzos for women; coupled with loafers/ wedges and some trendy eyewear = the perfect summer look. Chinos in olive green, caramel, and teal look amazing & easily pair up with most colors. Palazzos preferably in two shades/patterns are more apt as they add a dimension to the person.

4. Sling Bags – Yes, sling bags are a must have for every casual outdo. Squared fine sling bags in monotones for men & vibrant colored sling bags are in for women. They also come in handy for our smartphones which are slowly inclining towards screens so large that even Hulk might shy away!

5. Light color – Pick peach, whites, yellows for your wardrobe this summer. Light colors also aid in reducing heat in the summer keeping your body comparatively cooler.

Time to chuck in those pastels & Corduroys – It’s time for some colors, chinos & trendy sunglasses!

April 15, 2015

India’s Digital Superstar - Raising the bar


With so many reality shows cropping up day by day it’s hard for a struggling artist to actually make it to one fighting the daily odds. Viral Videos make people famous and reach out to an audience or a possible prospect who will hire them.

Calcutta Calling - Hotels in Kolkata Luxury and 5 Star


April, the official vacation month; here you are! Now I can plan my uber cool vacation. Yeah! #FeelingAwesome

April 14, 2015

5 reasons why I #CantWait4Zenfone2


In this era of technology, a new phone is launched every week. Beating specs of competitor’s or just keeping it simple silly looks to be the motto. Most of them are simply launched to beat competitors but when I checked out the video below, I was stunned with what I saw!

This marvelous shiny thing is the new dawn of technology. A masterpiece so brilliant its specs put others to shame and then it’s poised to be the No.1. The jaw dropping specs are the reason why I just #CantWait4Zenfone2

Available in Gold, White, Black, Red & Grey; the highly anticipated Zenfone 2 is going to create history. 
ASUS Zenfone 2 Image

Wanna know more? Here’s my list of the top 5 reasons I just can’t wait to get my hands on this amazing phone:

1. Specs – With a stunning 5.5 inch FULL HD screen which weighs just 170g, the new Zenfone2 packs in an impressive 4GB RAM with Lollipop supported by a 2.3GHZ Intel ATOM Quad-Core Processor. Zenfone 2 is the world’s first Smartphone to have a 4GB RAM. There’s a 2GB RAM Model available for the price conscious too which packs in a 1.8GHZ Quad Core. It is amongst the thinnest candy bar phones with just 3.9mm in size.

2. Camera – The Zenfone series has been known for its amazing Pixel Master Camera and the special low light mode which gives amazing shots #SeeWhatOthersCantSee. So guess what the Zenfone 2 has in stock? Hold your breath - 13MP Rear with dual LED flash with PixelMaster 2.0 and a 5MP wide angle front cam for amazing selfies. Expect high-res pictures with zero-shutter lag. Here’s another quick video showing the Zenfone 2 Camera Prowess 

3. BoostMaster – This ones for those (like me) who are always in a rush to charge the phone. When we need a charger, we need it quick and then we need the phone to be charged quickly as well. And that’s where the ASUS BoostMaster comes into the play as our Batman. An ASUS exclusive technology, BoostMaster charges battery more quickly when compared to traditional devices. Talking of ASUS Zenfone 2, you can recharge upto 60% of battery in just 39 minutes!

4. ZEN UI – User Interface does actually play an important role and the new ZEN UI packs in more personalization, better usability, added security and more color themes to Zenfone 2. A few added features include ZenMotion, SnapView & Trend Micro Security.

5. SonicMaster – Quite self explanatory. SonicMaster Technology gives you a stunning sound experience so viewing videos/audio/gaming is gonna be extremely awesome in the new Zenfone 2. And last but not the least a 3000mAh battery, whew!

6. Wait, Do I still need a reason to own this revolutionary piece?



April 13, 2015

Fighting illiteracy – India’s Social Evil


As of 2011 census, India’s literacy rate stands just 1 point below distinction at 74% compared to the world literacy rate at 84%. With the largest illiterate population globally, India’s literacy rate is known to grow at a very sluggish rate. Thanks to the orthodox mentality and poverty that prevails in most of India; the opportunity to learn and carve a better future is robbed from the hands of many.

What is the impact like?

April 7, 2015

Spend a day out with cab service in New Mumbai


March has been such a bitch I tell you! The end-of-year has really got my nerves. At times I just felt like escaping out of the hectic situations by checking out the taxi service in mumbai. It would be so amazing if we could pause our lives and take a break. Nice and easy. Alas, that’s not possible.