September 1, 2014

Baramulla Bomber - Svastik Trilogy Review


Book: Baramulla Bomber
Series: Svastik Trilogy
Author: Clark Prasad
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Genre: Fiction/Science Fiction
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Medium
Price (as printed): 395 INR

What I initially assumed to be a long read, it actually turned out much quicker once the pace got rolling and man I totally loved it.

August 3, 2014

#WhatTheBlack – Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal Debut


Diamond ring, Gaza, Hungarian Dragon, Mind Games, Laughing Buddha, Bournville, Black Label Whiskey, Hair Dye, Black Kinder Joy (duh seriously?)Black cat (Bagheera), Black Coconut Roots, BLACK BOURBON, Pebbles, Perfume, Poster Phewwwww

July 31, 2014

My Dream destination gone easy with SkyScanner – Here I come Dubai

To travel is to live a dream, but to plan the travel is a nightmare

Amore Mio
Decades have passed by, but a South Indians love affair with the Gulf still remains the same! Given a chance to hop on to a dream trip, the first location my mind screams of is – DUBAI
The best time to visit Dubai is in the winters, which fall in between November to March. And maybe I could get a leave near Diwali.

But when can I get the best deal? Which airline booking site should I refer to? Who will give me the best rates? Oh Jeez there are so many of them, I don’t have the time to scour each and every site! Is there an easier option?

How many times have you dropped your travel plans on not getting the best bus/flight/train/hotel deals?
#ANSWER: MANYYYYYYY countless times :/ *Bucket of tears

Ah ha yes, how did I forget there’s SkyScanner *Dances with joy

What’s SkyScanner?

SkyScanner, a global organization is in the travel business since about the last 10 years (The decade that tourism & travel has boomed). A travel wizard, SkyScanner compares over 1000 airlines & online agents to bring you the best flight/hotels/cars/buses deals for FREE
*No Convenience Fee charged: D

Recommended by The Independent, The Guardian, Which? Travel, BBC Radio 1 and more; SkyScanner comes with a powerful a Flexi Search feature which means you can browse prices across a long time range for example: a whole month/year.

 What’s more, SkyScanner stays upbeat about the latest travel trends and posts them every week at

My SkyScanner Dubai Hike Blueprint

My budget for the trip stands at 1Lakh INR. Now that I am checking out the all-in-one SkyScanner, my first step is using the Flexi search and figuring out the cheapest price to travel. Choosing the option of flexible dates for a whole month, I zeroed in on November with a go-to date for 11th November i.e. a Tuesday and fly back home on the weekend 16th November. (right on time for my birthday *wink)

I really like the visual presentation here where without hovering on a specific date I can figure out a price range already. On hover I get the intricate flight details as well. Choosing the appropriate dates and time for the flight, I picked the morning flight to fly out and an evening one to come down. Though I saw cheaper rates for 1+ stop flights, I prefer direct flights.

My current selection was highlighted with Tripsta, but I had heard quite a lot about Airtickets so I jumped on “Or book with:” option in the details section. *Feeling glad I finally clicked on the petite green “Select” button. What followed was a landing page acknowledging my selection and…
My travel dates preselected along with the same flight. That means I do not have to  re-do the select flight/date/time etc and I could directly proceed to payment. *Shout out “WAY TO GO BRO”

Around Rs. 14018 are whisked for the flight. Time to book a hotel. Oh, wait a minute…

Whoa, as I come back to the SkyScanner Flight selection page I get this suggestion and oh yes I am looking for a hotel duh!

The hotel’s list is a comprehensive one. Again SkyScanner had my travel dates preset. *Yay. With hotels rated on price, service and many other parameters, I found various choices including this one, the cheapest in the High Rating lot. Believe me I drooled on this one!

Nevertheless I was looking something to be close to one of my must-visit destinations the “Ski World” and #BAZINGA here its is…

So now 14018 + 60799 =74817. Hotel booked, flights booked. How do I commute? P.S. Remember the suggestion back on SkyScanner Page ;)

Oh yes, I love SUV’s I totally drool over them and what’s better when I get them in my budget :D yay A Volvo XC60 suits me good. So as I clicked the select button, I was whisked to the partner website.

Guess what I found there :D *Yay An Audi A3 *drool 

All set with the bookings, 5 days and there’s so much to do… 
My Duba-i-tenary

1. Ski World  - Brrrrrr I get the chills already
2. Madinat Jumeirah – Oh yea baby
3. Burj Khalifa – Must See, Must Do
4. Wild Wadi Water Park – *day dreams
5. Dessert Safari – With belly dancing session ofcourse ;) Masallah Masallaaaah….
6. Mosques – Numerous mosques to soak in their beauty and culture
7. Souks – Bring out the foodie in me
8. Dubai Mall – Women = Shopping
9. Aquariums & Global Village
10. Last but not the least – The Palms >_< wow

Considered as one of the safest cities in the world, Dubai is also one of the most popular WEEKEND destinations, even exceeding Paris

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June 6, 2014

ASUS Transformer T100 on the go

Hold on did someone say TRANSFORMERS?

June 2, 2014

TRESemmagic goes on


Enter to read the spell cast by TRESemmè

May 24, 2014

A date with Dove #DovePlay & Dove Intense Repair - Review

11th May 2014
JW Marriott, Juhu, Andheri West

Trendy Takeaways
On the morning of 11th May, as I had my breakfast lil did I know what a lovely date I was about to have with Dove.
Dats me and oh my glasses say, I <3 Lady Gaga
Dove had invited women bloggers & twitteratis from all over India for a special play date and one mandate – Dress up in all but White!

Selfies was another fun mandate, and damn we loved it :D
Kinda Selfie ;)

After an initial round up, we were divided in 12 equal teams to start of our Play Date #DovePlay and our very first activity was coming up with a group name – Fish Braids we named ourselves.

Say Cheese #Team8
And then it was Zumba Time, we rocked and rolled and had awesome fun.

Our next activity was to complete a Jigsaw Puzzle in the least time compared to other teams. Here’s #Team8 and oh that orange animal print hair extension is Me ;)
Go Go Go #Team8
Next we looped in Hoola Hoops and we put Shakira to shame I swear :D

Our next activity was the one I loved the most, titled as “Having a Ball”; teams had to split up in pairs, where 1 pair would search for Dove Themed Balls in a ball pit and throw them out to the other pair to collect.
M in the pic too, To the left in the ball pit
Style me up was the next in turn where we had to style our team mate’s hairdo, Here’s my with my Muse :D Isn’t she looking adorable?

Pic courtesy: Megha Shrimali
And then we got the biggest surprise, Dove Team had set up a Dove Salon where around 40 hair stylists were ready to style our hair in any way that we wanted!

Did any1 say Paradise?
The petite Dove Salon
Dove Hamper and My Giveaways

A  Dove hamper, just like the one in the picture was given to each one of us. It contained:
Dove IntenseRepair Solution – Shampoo + Conditioner
Phillips Hair Straightner – *drops jaw (this one was totally unexpected)
Shiny Dove Hair Pin – Its indeed very lovely
Fun takeaways – Animal print hair extension, I <3 Lady Gaga glasses, Black Glitter Hat and DoveTag

Dove Intense Repair – Review

The all new Damage Repair Solutions from the hair care pioneer Dove, carries that lovely mild fragrance which lingers for a day after Hair wash. Coupled with Keratin Actives, the solution gels with every hair type (Straight, wavy, curly) strengthening them thus allowing us to go free and play with our hair. Wanna know more? Check their link out:

I really love the soft feel and shiny look that the Dove Solution gives to my hair. Have a look for yourself, what say?

Pretty me ;)
Though I missed the dinner cum dance, it was a pretty rejuvenating date filled with play, discussions, new friends and tons fun and oh last but not the least, the super cool damage repair solution!


March 31, 2014

Jifi – Social Banking by Kotak Mahindra Bank


Ever heard of being paid on liking a Facebook post? How about receiving points while paying your bills? Still not interested? Ohk, beat this: An automatic tracker of all your bank accounts with detailed information of expenses, liabilities in visual formats!!… #JifiIsHere


Yes, that’s Jifi, a new concept implemented by Kotak Mahindra Bank and oh that’s not all! Read on…

March 2, 2014

Cleanliness drove me to start a HopeProject


Before I start, let me ask you a few questions:
How many times have you defecated in the nature? How many public toilets have been to which are totally spick and span & free of bad odour? Or rather felt helpless when there’s no loo around? How about finding a toilet and you see it’s full and unflushed?

March 1, 2014

Not Friends Anyways!

Time and tide waits for none, Seems you were friends with me just for fun.

When classes & notes were important to me, all you cared for was footsie!

As we hugged and held hands with grace, But actually you abused me without a trace.

Showing you the truth was my mistake, you brandished the same as a confused take.

Bearing your fake friend tantrums has cast its shade,We are not friends anymore anyways!

This post is a part of Write Over Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.