October 26, 2014

Scribbling my heart away - Matrikas Paper Products


Scribbling my heart away - Video Review for Matrikas Paper Products

Here’s presenting a quick video review of 4 different books by Matrikas Paper Products. Read on for more details.

October 20, 2014

My 9-to-5 miracle - Garnier BB Cream


When I looked at my face post lunch I hated it, until I found my savior!

An oily skin, humid climate and the never ending pollution made my skin look dull, uneven and boring every day be it any cream(s) I used.

I was stuck with that weird combination of creams which made me look just “okay” the whole day and some wore out easily in 30 minutes flat. Sunscreen, good grief! And if I was late to work, I would definitely miss one of those combination creams and look unkempt all day. I mean come on, I am a working woman. I needed to look nice every minute. It keeps the “neat & petite” factor up. Besides, who likes to work with a nerd?

When I initially got hold of it, I was quite skeptical. How could one single cream possible wipe out a combination of minimum 2 to maximum 4 creams? Is it achievable? Is it so easy that other companies are simply fleecing us with the various creams? Of course today a customer is spoilt for choice.

A blessing in disguise I must say. A single cream which made me look:
·         Brighter
·         Glowy
·         Moisturized
·         Unified (on skin tone)
Garnier BB Cream - Skin Swatch (Notice the bright portion below wrist)

And man it lasts long too! It stays all through the day. It has a very mild and lovely fragrance which makes me feel automatically nice. Now I know why aroma therapies work LOL! The texture of the cream is nice and thick, which makes it easy to apply as well. It naturally blends with the skin complimenting your shade. It also suits every skin type be it oily, dry, normal or even sensitive.

One of the best parts is that it combines the Moisturizer + Sunscreen (SPF 24 to be precise) + Daily skin cream perfectly. I need to apply just one cream and I am done. And then though it moisturizes the skin, it isn’t oily, instead it makes the skin smooth giving a flawless finish. Available in sizes, the pack is handy to carry in bag too. Given the fact that it replaces other creams, it comes in a budget pricing range of Rs. 119 (18g).
Garnier BB Cream
The website quotes:

“Garnier BB Cream is a new generation of skin care. It combines multiple beauty routine steps in one and hence saves time.

It is enriched with active natural ingredients like active essence of cherries, combined with bilberry extract which helps firm skin and ginger which helps boost the natural process of skin’s regeneration.”
Ah so there lies the secret, it’s made naturally too. The Vitamin C plays a key role for skin. Nevertheless I was glad to find it and yes it wins the award for the “Daily All-in-1 Cream”.

An honest review written for Indiblogger & Garnier BB Cream.



October 19, 2014

Frankly Speaking - Health is Wealth


It was a Wednesday and she stay put on the bed clueless about the time that passed by.

October 18, 2014

Chaos down under Book review Chaos trilogy


Book: Chaos Down Under
Series: ChaosTrilogy
Author: Nishant Kaushik
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Genre: Fiction/Humour
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Easy
Price (as printed): 295 INR

As I got hold of “Chaos down under” little did I know that I would ending up chuckling at every page turn.

October 5, 2014

#WordUp - Indimeet by Indiblogger and BigRock


Surfing through the web and logging on to Indiblogger, a daily ritual of sorts; included checking the home page. The next thing I knew was reading “You have registered successfully!” flash on my screen and my grin knew no bounds!

September 22, 2014

GameOfBlogs – The Escape – Chapter 9


GameOfBlogs – The Escape – Chapter 9

Team – FrontRunners


A few days before Roohi’s accident.

A shattered wine glass was spread on the ethnic wooden floor as tears streamed down her blushed cheek. She pondered in between the various flashbacks of life as she hugged her dear daughter tight. Was there nothing she could do?

Sitting back on the velvet porch, with her teary-eyed lil one tucked in she recollected a few moments she wished she never had. It was a bright sunny day at that resort on Kochi, Green Villas was the name. Roohi was so happy that day that she was running all around the lobby looking for places to click pictures at. Dressed in a summer dress, her tresses flew with the wind. After all it was her candid photoshoot in God’s own country.

Lifting her glares to view the clock Tara posed a question to Shekhar “What, is she late? Benny/Jenny is she even a professional?”

Shekhar sighed at her ignorance. Maybe as she hadn’t seen Jennifer’s paintings or maybe because she just can’t stand people low in class, “She’ll be here any minute Tara, give her a an opportunity at least, I assure you she’s awesome”

“Yeah yeah, can see your awesomeness in the reject letters piled up on your desk” she smirked.

“Hey Tara, I am Jennifer Joseph, you and your daughter are a treat to the eyes” a dusky woman in her late twenties stretched her hand out to Tara. “The pleasure is all mine” Tara replied beaming with the compliment.  Shekhar and Jennifer exchanged a Hi but Shekhar looked different. He looked relieved and lightly happy. Tara didn’t understand why but he seemed different since Jennifer arrived.

The photoshoot was planned in the vast green landscape in the villa. Shekhar was assisting Jennifer by co-coordinating with Roohi as Tara sat back under the petite Garden umbrella. She couldn’t risk her skin to sun tan, no way! “It seems she gels well with children or wait, I guess my daughter is a lovely princess that gels up with everyone. She’s even got a name for her ‘Jenny-Benny’ “Tara thought as she glanced over Roohi running and posing with the pink daisy’s Jennifer bought.
Hours flew by but Roohi never got tired of posing. She had changed over 3 dresses and Jennifer wasn’t tired either. As they laughed and frolicked on the green cover, any third person would have guessed them to be a mom-child pair. “Roohi’s so happy with Jennifer. She’s never like this with Tara. Tara always keeps the reins. Why?” wondered Shekhar.

“And that’s a wrap” Jennifer called out.”Shekhar, I will be coming to Mumbai for a 6 month assignment this weekend. I will be passing on the pics to you then”
“Sounds great” replied a beaming Shekhar
“Yay, Mom I got my photoshoot done, Yay. I’ll show them all to Riddhi..and Mayank and my class teacher too…”

“Mom, have you signed it?”
“Sign? Signed what?”
“The meeting letter my teacher sent across? Mom are you still crying?” Roohi asked with a concerned tone. Tara took a few moments to realize that Roohi was talking to her all the while when she was having the flashback. Those 6 months post the photoshoot were the most stressful in Tara’s life.
“Honey, mom wants to tell you something. Do you remember Jennifer?”
“How can I forget Jenny Benny mom, she was my best friend. Till today I do not know why you beat her black and blue!”
 Tara held Roohi close and played with her hair. “It was not like I didn’t like Jennifer. In a short span she got close to you, clicked your pictures like no one could and she displayed her potential at a young age. But…but she got close to your dad. So close that your dad didn’t care for you, for me or anything in the world. Your dad cheated on me with her. Your dad was the culprit but I tore my anger on her. I couldn’t see any other way. So I just whacked her out of our messed lives. And your father simply apologized promised me that her name would never crop up again, ever! I am sorry honey, I hid this all along. I am sorry” Tara broke into tears as Roohi consoled her beloved mom.

“It’s alright mom. It was a big decision for you. And it’s for me too.” Tara looked puzzled on Roohi’s reply, she continued “It’s over between me and Dad. I hate him and I never wanna see his face again!”

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September 17, 2014

GameOfBlogs – The Escape – Chapter 6


     GameOfBlogs – The Escape – Chapter 6

Team – FrontRunners


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“Hurry, I don’t wanna miss today’s episode. Barbie in Amazonas” dressed in the petite uniform with two neat ponytails, Roohi sprinted across the school ground towards her school gate.

She could see her car a little ahead as she dashed out faster and faster pushing other children out of the way and making way for her and her friend Riddhi. Though a top-notch school, their recent renovation work had left the ground too shabby with all the technical instruments lying around and children making way through it almost daily. Bricks, Mortar and Sand were often dodged by the hasty little ones.  Surprisingly there were no danger signs to alert the children of the possible hazards. Either ways, who would read them, they thought!

A short patch of slimy grey stood in the middle of Roohi and the temporary sand hill. Her plan was to jump over the slime, landing on the hill and sliding down to the gate which was just next to it.

“Lets go from the normal lobby Roohi…Roooohiii” Riddhi screamed out to Roohi and passing by the Cement Mixer. The mixer’s sound made sure that Roohi didn’t hear what Riddhi said.

Pop, she jumped above the slime and then… instead of landing ahead of the patch; she landed right on the slippery wet cement patch, slipping and loosing balance she crashed onto the 100 odd bamboos left haphazardly, and she let out an eerie shriek.

As the bamboos fell over the little child, there was nothing any one could do to save her. She lay motionless, bleeding from the head as the bamboos were strewn around and the school peons came running.
She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t and so she tried to hear. All she could hear was commotion and chaos and then the sound of the ambulance and then it all drained off.

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