March 29, 2015

Invisible for a day


Invisibility has long been fantasized by almost all of us. Every one of us has watched the movies that have fictionalized the invisibility concept and Shekhar Kapoor pioneered that in Indian cinema with Mr. India and we have been beguiled by superheroes since our childhood. I, being very specific in this sentence, have been very fascinated by superheroes. From A like Aqua girl to Z like Zatana, superpowers and superhuman features have always been a prerequisite for my kind of hero. And this isn’t blowing it right out of measurable proportions. Every girl has been at one stage enchanted by the likes of Wonder Woman and Hawk girl and every boy has donned underwear over his regular pants trying to imitate Batman, Superman or Wolverine. It’s always been one big dream for all of us to be one of those outside-underwear, long pants, spandex tights wearing people. Take a minute and think what would you do if you were to go invisible? This makes us realize that there is so much we want to do, there is so less we would think of doing. In the world all the things that we can see and touch has certain attributes, so some are valued more and some less. Nobody has ever been invisible except ghosts, but if I could be invisible, I would try to make this world a better place to live in.

March 21, 2015

Cinderella – 2015 Movie Review


Do you believe in Magic?
Disney Cinderella Move Preview

Well if you ask me – I do.

March 14, 2015

The Essence of Change


I did find my abode of serenity but alas fate had other plans. Things changed when I read my first offer letter, relocating me to Pune, Maharashtra.

I was shocked. I had never lived alone, never in my life! Nor did my parents ever send me out to overnight picnics. I had zero experience of living alone, leave alone cooking! I just knew maggi, egg omelets & boiling water for tea and this was a completely new landscape.

Everyone touted me as leader, when I was never meant to be. I had always failed in one. Never had my team completed the tasks assigned. And here I was handed a task to lead myself and bring the biggest change in my life. How? Nothing would happen by snapping fingers!

 New place, new people, new climate, an employment opportunity, my pathway to the start of an enlightening career, my stepping stone in the corporate life, was I supposed to say NO?
So confused - Image Source :

And then I turned around to see the humble face I had seen from the last 21 years, my first crush, my father. He smiled with glee, knowing that his little fairy had grown up and was about to set free. He said “YES”.

I didn’t get it initially, what was he saying yes to? He explained Life isn’t a nimble game and motivated me to take the step ahead and explore the “LEADER” in me.

Things then took a quick turn, I was in a new city and it made my heart burn. Slow and steady I caught the pace and got into the employed race. A new house in a quaint locality greeted me with 2 other women as roomies. I found it odd to live in with 2 strangers sharing toiletries and food. I almost lost my voice to my silent and observant self. And then the daily family phone calls made me more nervous and sad. I looked at myself in the mirror daily, and one day I noticed a change.

I was a woman, all of 21. Looking more confident than I ever was. What had changed? Maybe me :) I realized it was 2 months since I had moved in and all the while, I slowly steadily accepted the situations. It took me 2 months to understand that Yes, I can lead. My home away from home taught me to be humble, my efficient cook taught me to be amiable, money crunches taught me to be careful and spend only what’s left after saving and last but not the least my dear father taught me to – believe in myself.

How did you bring in the essence of change in your life? – Here’s where you can find it -

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March 11, 2015

Easy Mumbai Getaway – Head to Hotels

The festival of Holi just passed by and so did a long weekend. Every time a long weekend comes around, people start planning. Go for recent Movies? Baby’s day out? Shopping frenzy? Watch the sports editions? Go to the farmhouse/hill stations/relatives hangout? Catching up with people you love, what to do, what not to do… the list never ends. The long weekends call for relaxing vacations as the tired body yearns for a comfortable stay. What’s better than an easy getaway!

Being a lazy person, my holiday options are quite limited. Neither do I want to drive for long, nor do I wanna stay away from healthy food and plus I want to be close to the city amenities too. This eliminates the long drives, far off hill stations, tiring treks or wildlife sightings, places reachable from train travel and theme parks. Well it’s not the fun part or the photography sessions that I am looking for here. My aim is to simply relax and unwind. To get up late, get a spa, watch all my favorite TV shows, swim in a pool late at night, enjoy scenic views and still be able to munch on yummy delicacies. With so many conditions the only option is to check in to - hotels near Mumbai

Easy na? Yes, indeed. Search for hotels in Navi Mumbai and zero down on the option that has all the amenities you need. Of course this comes with a price too, but if I find the perfect hotel bookings in Mumbai then why not? Checking in to a hotel of my choice with the right amenities has me checking all my to-dos in “my type of holiday” checklist.

Holiday checklist - Image

And then, it’s easy to convince friends to join too. Bribe them with all the amenities and woo them with the pictures of the destination and what will they reply with? YES, YES YES. This is way easier than getting someone say “I do” hahahaha.

On second thoughts, Why wait for a long weekend to check in to a hotel? When you can do the same on any tiring weekend/weekday! You know what to do the next time you want to get away from your monotony. Book a place and chillax.

March 6, 2015

The Abode of Serenity


A quaint morning awaited me as I woke up rubbing my eyes on a Saturday. It was a time when weekends meant doing chores at home, helping parents, completing assignments and ironing clothes for the coming week at college; Ah, the graduation years!

Least interested in the nitty-gritties, I moved about wrapping breakfast and dressing up for the new house that we were about to see. Little did I know the anticipation that grasped my parents silently.

Is it a quite & calm place? How wide are the travel options? Is it green? What will our neighbours be like? Is the price truly affordable? Is D-Mart close? What about grocery? Are any shopping options available? And last but not the least, is this house it? Our abode of serenity?

“Are we not going?” I questioned the two blank faces in front of me, which made my father realize that he and mom were simply sitting on the sofa for we don’t know how many minutes.

We made our way through the local state transport bus and started walking in the area locating the landmark. Surprisingly, the area seemed friendly as it was residential. I noticed children and normal people around. A pretty garden adorned the private road and we reached the society at last.

As I walked uphill (yes the building was on a mini mountain!) my mom silently whispered to me, “I hope this one is it”. I could see the tension in her voice. My parents were house hunting since long and we hadn’t found the one yet. House Hunting in a metro is a real challenge. It was almost time for us to vacate the existing office quarters. I secretly hoped this house was not like the previous ones: ground floor next to the gutter, one overlooking the cemetery, a matchbox 2BHK in and SRA phew! I had enough.

The moment we reached the colorful door, a happy face greeted us with a warm smile and the words “welcome”. My parents slowly pushed me ahead and asked to step in first, somehow I felt like a newly-wed bride, with an imaginary kalash kept at the door. I lifted my right leg partly and stepped in pushing the gracious kalash and the white grains of rice spread all across the circumference making a hush-hush sound. The white grains slowly turned into colours from the rainbow and started flying the air as if they had wings. A colourful silhouette of a hand slowly took mine and guided me in.
Imaginary Kalash - Source:IndiaPciture
 The sunlight lit golden living room was the scene I remember next. With French windows looking up to a majestic tree, a cute bedroom with ac, a four year old clutching my hand and excitedly showing me his new hotwheels, giggles following our trail – I knew this was it.

I turned around and looked at my parents in a trance and their merry smiles said it all. We had finally found our abode of serenity.

The smiles and the trance are a moment I would never forget. My house has been the stepping stone for many things in my life. Graduation, employment, blogging, music and writing; all of my passions are deeply rooted here. That’s why I believe, the first step we take to do anything is actually a hidden intuition. Follow the signs and you’ll figure out whether the thing is right or wrong.

Want to find your abode of serenity, Find it here -

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March 3, 2015

Let's Cricket - Amazing Cricket destinations


This blog post is a part of #BloggerDreamTeam and is written under the theme: TRAVEL – What are the great cricket holiday destinations?


Everywhere you look these days; there is only one word on everyone’s lips, Cricket. Thanks to #ICCWorldCup2015, fans all over the planet are going crazy with excitement about who the next winner will be (I hope the ‘#WeWontGiveItBack’ motto works. Go, India Go!)

While everyone is going absolutely nuts about this sport, did you know there are a few destinations abroad which are divine and just right to visit anytime in the year? Especially, if you’re a downright cricket lover! Cricket + Picturesque, hmmm what could it be?
Stop guessing, here’s a sneak peak :) !


LONDON, England:
Yes. London definitely tops the list. Vacation at this divine destination and watch BigBen, cultural galleries, witness musicals amongst the beautiful heritage country art and beautiful sceneries. Very less people know that London is also famous for mouthwatering food. Any Harry Potter fans here? You can also visit the place where your favorite movie was shot! And, hey, who can forget the James Bond movie, ‘Skyfall’, huh? *wink*
I will not forget the shopaholic girls like ever. For the shopping lovers, London brings to you a variety of shopping streets. From King’s Road to Oxford Street to Tottenham Road. They have it all and in a cheap range as well. And for those who are brand conscious, Oxford Street will be just fine! And in case you want a bit of street chic in your wardrobe, Tottenham is just a block away.

Now moving to the cricket attraction! For our cricket fans, it has Marylebone Cricket Club (LORDS) and the Kia Oval stadium which hosts a lot of cricket matches throughout the year. There are a lot of hotels around so lodgings won’t be a problem. Visit London when a match is on and you can enjoy a good long vacation there.

MELBOURNE, Australia:
When you think about Melbourne you imagine a big city with lots of traffic, a port with yachts and ships and lots of scenic places to visit. Well, that’s Melbourne for you!
When you visit Melbourne, make sure you go to Federation Square. It is a big place and a one stop destination for all. Food, games, shopping, fun, entertainment et al. You name it and this place will give you an array of places to stop by. And if you want to get away from crowd and the noise then hire a car and go on a long drive over Mornington peninsula and enjoy the different wines in world famous wineries. And once you’re done enjoying the view, drop by the Melbourne Cricket Ground and enjoy a good match of cricket. If you’ve planned your trip during the world cup matches, you will never regret this decision!

There is no end to the options you can enjoy so sit back and treat yourself with the air of Melbourne.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa:
Cape Town is another coastal place to visit when you want to freshen up and experience a brand new feeling of freedom. From boulder’s beach to table mountain to two ocean aquarium, you can choose any location and be ready to be blown out of your mind. Fancy some underwater life? Visit the two oceans aquarium located at the meeting point of Atlantic and Indian Ocean and check out the colourful life of the oceans. And if you are a daredevil then you can try out the cliff at Cape of Good Hope. It will sure have your blood turn into a stream of adrenaline. Swim with the seals at Seal Islands or learn about the ways of the South Africans at the National gallery. It’s a whole new world out there so don’t be scared of exploring!

The ones who are visiting the place for cricket can feast their eyes over a good match at Newlands stadium and don’t forget to cheer for India!

Awesome isn’t it?
Well the list does make me add the above locations to my travel #BucketList!

Not interested in cricket but have partners/spouse/friends going aboard for the match? Hop on and enjoy the local sightseeing. After all, visiting a new place is always a wonderful experience.